SEO Tips & Tricks for Dentists in 2018

SEO is a complicated topic, but luckily we have a lot of expertise in the area.  Because we want you to succeed as a business, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that can get you started on the right path to higher rankings on all the major search engines!

Tip #1: Optimize for the Local Pack

The local pack is the group of dentist offices that will show up in a person’s local search engine search.

The higher you come up in these results, the more likely you are to get local people to your website!

Local Pack

There are three key factors that you need to focus on to get your site to the top of the pack:

  • Business Information,
  • Website SEO
  • Online reviews

We will discuss Website Seo and Online reviews later, but let’s touch on business information.  A few simple ways to increase your ranking through your business information are by adding business hours, images, and a summary of your business.

The closer your business information fits what a person is searching for, the higher you will come up in the pack.

As a result, you want to make sure your business profile is filled with the proper keywords.  These may include “family dentist in [your city]” or “[city] pediatric dentist”.

Optimizing this business listing for all these sites is a great way to get organic traffic to your site.

Tip #2: Focus on Local SEO

Search engine optimization is a great way to generate traffic to your website.  One thing to be aware of is that these days paid ads look so similar to organic links on search engines that people may not be able to tell the difference.

Also, even if you are the top organic search, you may not be at the top of the page due to paid ads and the local pack.


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.08.04 PM

All that being said, organic search is still an extremely important factor in your website.

Some ways to increase your SEO include adding local based keywords into your website pages, and writing consistent blog posts.

Blog Post SEO Tips

When writing your blog posts, make sure to use these tricks to help it rank higher:

  • Use your keyword in the headline
  • Have a length of at least 300 words
  • Add images with the keyword as the alt text
  • Have the keyword in the content a few times, but not too many

The stronger and more related the content on your website is to what a person is searching, the higher your page will appear.

Each page on your website should focus on one keyword.  Make sure to do your research and find the best keywords for your site based on your location and specific practice services.

Local keywords are the best bang for your buck!

Tip #3: Reviews on the Major Sites: Google/Yelp/Facebook

Reviews from your patients are important for a number of reasons.  People want to hear what your patients have to say about you, and given the fact that your such a great office, you want to display your reviews proudly.

Having a large number of consistently high reviews is also a great way to get your office at the top of the local pack we talked about earlier.

Make sure you are asking your patients to review your office honestly so you can act on all the feedback they provide.  Reviews can provide so much value and information to not only potential new patients, but also to you!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but these tips can help you get on the right path to more traffic to your website.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Optimize your business page on the major search engines
  • Make sure you are getting customer reviews on the main platforms
  • Focus on local SEO on your website


  • Stuff a keyword all over your page, this doesn’t work!
  • Focus on more than one keyword per page on your website
  • Ignore your Google My Business listing
  • Buy backlinks

Remember, if you want your site to rank highly on search engines, you need to optimize for the local pack, using local keywords.  Don’t forget that customer reviews are extremely important too!

If you are considering a website redesign or are looking to get more traffic to your website, contact us today!


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