How To Master Facebook: Free Secrets For Dentists

Facebook Secrets for Dentists

Here at Medical Sprout we use Facebook extensively to reach and engage with our audience and attract new clients! Over the years we’ve compiled some Facebook secrets for dentists and we’re sharing those with you today. Read on to find out why you need Facebook, how to get it and tips & best practices for using it.

Why you need it

Facebook Stats for Doctors and Dentists

With over a billion active users each month and growing, it’s easy to see why Facebook would be a good place for your practice to be. You’ll have the opportunity to not only engage with your patients but you’ll also be able to get a better feel for the things they like (and don’t like), giving you valuable insight into your target market. You can take this information to effectively reach prospective patients, using content they want and like.

Here’s another reason: Of all the major social network platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare, Facebook is by far the most popular based on sheer number of users. It gets 526 million+ who visit the site daily.

How to get it

There are 2 types of accounts: personal Facebook pages and business Facebook pages. You want a business Facebook page for your practice BUT a business page needs to be linked to a personal page. This means you’ll need both accounts so follow the links below to get started.

Setting up a personal Facebook page:

Setting up a business page:

Best Practices

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  • Be professional. This probably goes without saying but keep a professional tone on your posts. Stay away from politics or other controversial subjects. If a controversial subject is relevant to your business (think: Obamacare), try to use an objective voice and steer clear of taking sides.
  • Use images. These can be pictures you take on your phone or more professional ones you sourced from the internet. Photos have been reported to receive 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs. Seems like using photos in all your posts is a no-brainer to me!
  • Rock your profile and cover photo. Your profile picture should either be your logo, a picture of you and/or your staff. Your cover photo can be an external shot of your building, a picture of your staff or even a special holiday photo. Try changing up your cover photo every few months. This keeps your page fresh and shows you’re keeping things up-to-date.
  • Respond. If someone comments on a post with a question, get back to them asap. If someone sends you a direct message, same deal. You want to be as quick as possible with your responses and never ignore someone. Remember, you’re here to engage with your audience so do it!

Content to Share

Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos.

Think: office pics, employees at work or even a picture of your desk. People love videos so a video tour of your office could be a great thing to share.

What To Post On Social Media: A Guide for Dentists and Doctors

Caption this!

This is a quick and easy post that can really drive engagement. Find a unique photo and post it with the line: “Caption this!”. People will comment with funny and unique captions. Remember to respond to people who are commenting! You don’t necessarily have to respond to each one individually, but a general comment saying you’re reading the posts shows you care what your followers have to say.

A quick example:

What To Post On Social Media: A Guide for Dentists and Doctors


This is a great way to engage followers and get a conversation started. It gets people thinking about your practice, even if your post is loosely related to what you do. Here’s an example for a family doctor:


This gets people commenting (and hopefully sharing your post) and the link back to the doctor’s blog post encourages users to visit the site and ultimately set an appointment.

Share if NO, Comment if YES

This is like a true/false question, with the answer coming in the form of a comment or share. This has the great benefit of encouraging engagement no matter what the answer. Let’s look at an example:


People who are scared of the dentist are probably REALLY scared of the dentist and will identify right away. People who aren’t scared of the dentist might be proud of that fact and share the post to see where their friends stand. Linking to a blog post going into detail how your practice provides a fear-free atmosphere will only further your credibility.

Blog Posts

These are the meat and bones of your social media content. Look at the examples above – many of the them include links to blog posts that dive into deeper detail on the subject. You could always link to other people’s blog posts, and that’s a good idea, but if you have none of your own content you’re missing out on building a lasting relationship with your audience, enhancing your credibility and ultimately driving traffic to your website.

Newsletters or Announcements

Newsletters, like blog posts, are another way to drive traffic to your website and build your audience. Newsletters typically include upcoming events, links to recent blog posts and other announcements. You may have a short announcement to get out to your patients that doesn’t warrant a full blog post. Your newsletter is the place to include this information.

Almost all newsletter management software includes the option to link to an online version of your newsletter. Send out that link to your followers in a Facebook post. And don’t forget to encourage them to sign-up so they don’t miss out on future editions!

So there you have it – a quick rundown of getting up and running on Facebook and some post ideas to get you started. Is your practice on Facebook?



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