5 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Website

So, do you REALLY need a dental practice website? Maybe you have a Facebook page or are listed on 3rd party sites like Healthgrades and you’re thinking that’s enough. Here are 5 reasons why you actually DO need a website for your practice.

Your Dental Practice Website – Yes, You Need One!


1. It Saves Time

Time is money right? With a great website, you can link to important documents like new patient forms. This allows patients to download these forms right from home and have them ready to go before they even step foot into your office.

If your website has an online appointment form, patients can make a request directly from your site. This frees up your office staff from fielding appointment calls all day and makes it easier for patients to make appointments.

2. Your Competition Has a Website

It’s true, Google it right now. Another practice in your direct vicinity has a website and is gaining crucial online traffic.

Don’t let your lack of a website allow you to fall behind the competition. Even a simple site with only a few pages can make a huge impact on your online presence. Since, well, you’ll actually have one now!

3. It’s Accessible 24 / 7

A website never closes, unlike your office.

It gives patients the chance to research your practice on their own time. Even better if you have a contact form on your site since this gives them the chance to get in touch with any questions your website hasn’t already answered for them.

4. Get Found Online

Pretty much everyone (97% of adults) uses the internet to find local businesses. If you don’t have a website, you won’t even register on their radar.

“But I’m on Healthgrades and Angie’s List!” you may say. That’s great and an important piece of the puzzle, however, if your entire online presence is based on these sites then you have no control.

With your own website you have complete control over the design and content. Do you have a beautiful office that patients are constantly remarking on? Your website is the place to show this off. Third party sites will never showcase your practice like you can.

5. It’s a Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Your website is the first impression a patient will have of you and your practice. It’s an essential part to any advertising strategy, both online and off.

A comprehensive ad campaign can cost thousands each month but a beautifully designed website doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With Medical Sprout you can be up and running with a simple site in no time.

In Closing…

It’s 2018 and time to get online! What do you think, is it important to have a dental practice website?


Sara Chandlee

Sara has been working in web design and development for 8+ years. She is the founder of Medical Sprout. You can view her personal profile at SaraChandlee.com.

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